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Expert-Led Excursions: Explore, Discover, and Thrive

Embark on an expert-led aquatic adventure with our guide services, led by Captain Chris.  Whether you're a guest at our resort or simply seeking thrilling excursions on Table Rock Lake, everyone is invited to join us for a personalized journey of discovery and excitement.

Guided Fishing Tours

Dive into the angler's paradise with our guided fishing tours, led by Captain Chris on Table Rock Lake. Whether you're chasing bass, crappie, or walleye, Captain Chris is your expert guide. From seasoned anglers to beginners, Chris's wealth of knowledge ensures an unforgettable experience. Learn the ropes or hone your skills as you fish the abundant waters of Table Rock Lake with confidence.

About your Captain:
Meet Captain Chris, your seasoned guide to the wonders of Table Rock Lake. With a decade of fishing expertise on these waters and a lakefront residence, Chris not only knows the ins and outs of the lake but breathes its essence. A passionate angler himself, he holds a US Coast Guard License, ensuring your safety on the water. Whether you're a seasoned pro or casting for the first time, Captain Chris tailors every fishing expedition for an unforgettable and personalized experience.

What to expect:
Anticipate a memorable angling adventure aboard our 21' center console fishing boat, equipped with modern electronics and a state-of-the-art trolling motor. Your catch is your keep – any fish you reel in is yours to take home. Captain Chris ensures a hassle-free experience by expertly cleaning your catch, allowing you to savor the fruits of your fishing expedition without the fuss. Enjoy a day on the water with top-notch equipment and the promise of bringing home the bounty of Table Rock Lake.

What to bring:
Sunscreen, weather-ready attire, and a valid fishing license (ages 16-65) – pack the essentials for a day of fun on Table Rock Lake with Captain Chris! Click here to get your Missouri fishing license.

$175 - 2 hours 1-2 people. Additional person $50pp up to five people
$300 - 4 hours 1-2 people. Additional person $50 pp up to five people

What's included:
Boat, Gas, Life jackets, Rods and Reels, Tackle, Bait (live and/or artificial), ice and water or drinks and snacks. You keep your catch, Chris will clean your fish for you!

Tour times vary with the season, ensuring the best fishing experience. Captain Chris loves to start the day at sunrise, ensuring a productive and enjoyable experience on Table Rock Lake.

Captain Chris Fishing

Sunset Cruise

Experience the enchanting beauty of Table Rock Lake with our Sunset Cruise, a leisurely voyage designed for relaxation and pure enjoyment. As the sun sets over the water, Captain Chris guides you on a tranquil journey, allowing you to unwind and soak in the serene ambiance of Table Rock Lake. Whether you're seeking a romantic evening or a peaceful escape, our Sunset Cruise promises a memorable experience on the calm waters, surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of the lake.

What to expect:
As you embark on our Sunset Cruise aboard our luxurious tritoon, anticipate a serene journey on the calm waters of Table Rock Lake. Captain Chris will guide you to the perfect vantage points to witness the breathtaking colors of the sunset, creating a peaceful and memorable experience for all aboard the spacious and comfortable tritoon. Let the tranquility of the lake soothe your soul as you enjoy the beauty of nature. 

What to bring: 
For your Sunset Cruise, bring a light jacket or sweater to stay comfortable as the temperature cools in the evening. Don't forget your camera or smartphone to capture the picturesque moments of the sunset reflecting on Table Rock Lake. We provide a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, so just bring your enthusiasm for a peaceful and scenic adventure.

$100 1-2 people. Additional person $35pp

Tour times for our Sunset Cruise may vary with the season, ensuring a perfect view of the sunset during the approximately 2-hour voyage.

Tailored Lake Adventure

Leave the worries of boating licenses and designated drivers behind! With our Custom Lake Adventure Package, Captain Chris becomes your personal skipper for an unforgettable journey on Table Rock Lake. Whether you're craving a leisurely tour, thrilling tubing session, exhilarating wakesurfing or wakeboarding adventure cliff-jumping escapade, or a scenic dinner cruise, Captain Chris has you covered. Sit back, relax, and let us handle the helm while you enjoy the ultimate lake experience!

$220 - 2 hours up to 6 people
$360 - 3 hours up to 6 people
$480 - 4 hours up to 6 people
$600 - 5 hours up to 6 people
$720 - 6 hours up to 6 people

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